THE BRAND NEW Age of Designing a Custom Logo

As they say the first impression may be the most lasting one, what do you consider leaves the feeling of a company on its customers? Correct! The company logo may be the company’s first impression.

Another question that arises is if the top management be actively involved with designing a custom logo for his or her business or as long as they just leave it with their design team or perhaps a alternative party design studio? Nowadays companies wish to be more personal making use of their customers, as the logo serves as a communicator between the company and customer; hence they actively take part in designing their custom logos.

Some may view designing a custom logo as tedious, whereas it is usually turned into a nice process if the following are kept in mind when designing a custom logo:


Logos mostly fail due to a poor font choice. It can be a little difficult to choose a font that will catch attention instead of let the identity be ignored. Certain tips can ease the choice of font:

? Avoid using common fonts, fonts that are used by the majority. Work with a unique font which will make your company stand out from its competitors.
? Ensure that your fonts are legible. Don’t make an effort to get too creative by creating a font that is so unique that it becomes quite difficult for a person or an onlooker to decipher.
? At times using two forms of fonts makes your logo more communicative.


You need to use colors to their advantage when it comes to custom logos as colors can evoke different moods and feelings. Different colors have different meanings for instance red means energy and danger while blue represents faithfulness and security.


The first sense a brand appeals to may be the sense of sight. If your logo is not appealing to the attention you can be attracted to your brand or business? Carefully pick the image that may represent your company make certain it is in line with what your organization does and in line with your company’s mission statement.

custom logo floor mats that arises when it comes to image selection is downloading a graphic for the logo without realizing it’s already used by way of a company in the related or unrelated industry. Leading to numerous legal charges and issues.


Lastly and most importantly remember your goal. Your final goal is brand recognition. By considering your logo customers should instantly manage to recall your brands or business.

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