It has already been long that everybody was eagerly anticipated for the BBM. Now it is finally readily available for Android and iOS or even iPhone users. Even though there are usually numerous messaging companies available nonetheless it seems that BBM includes a strong competition against WhatsApp. Then allow us to compare these a couple of and discover which one is better.

BBM for privacy

If you are aiming at a thing that much more personal then BBM will be the right choice for you. When you opt for this particular service, you can be using a great unique PIN via which you will get within touch with your contacts. This implies that unless an associate has accepted your request you will certainly not be in a position to contact through BBM. If you notice it different after that it seems an inconvenience as when a person use WhatsApp a person are easily throughout touch with almost all on your phonebook. It truly is as easy as sending a new message to one other user.

Contact main grid

BBM seems to be able to have a better contact grid as compared to WhatsApp. Here you include a few chosen people to speak with. However, with WhatsApp you will have all in your contact grid. The common element with both typically the chat messengers appears to be adding your good friends and family. You could create a list on your BBM or even create Favorites in your WhatsApp.

Message Delivery

You will find an unique way both of these software behave with regards to message delivery notification or alerts regarding it. WhatsApp alerts you whenever an user is usually online and their very own last seen time. With BBM, a person are not supplied such information but you will still recognize when another is offered or busy in accordance with their current reputation. For those which like online and final seen they could decide for WhatsApp, because the information is often accurate.

BBM may differ in its approach toward message delivery; you will get a good R for study receipt and G for delivery position. WhatsApp gives an individual single tick for message sent plus double for delivery. For WhatsApp customers they will only know when their message seemed to be read in accordance with final login time or last seen moment of another end user. BBM offers an individual by having an option associated with PING just like stick on Facebook this specific feature can help you nudge another user.


The emoticon inclination differs in both the particular messaging services nevertheless it boils straight down to your own personal choice. WhatsApp offers you smiley, animals, images plus other emoticons to show yourself. While BBM has limited quantity of selective emoticons. This might be more down to be able to personal emoticon preference than anything else, but we need to state we choose to options you get upon WhatsApp compared to be able to BBM.

Chat Place

The chat space provided by WhatsApp will be much more when compared with what is offered by BBM. Typically the conversation bubbles within the chat are usually bigger. If a person are using some sort of BlackBerry handset then you can change the textual content size or different you will require to live upwards with it. The particular privilege of adding more conversation messages is given to BlackBerry users.

Common factors

After comparing the 2 together, there are a few features which can be common within both the communication services. Creating and even updating chat position that is a good alert message to other users about your own current mood. A person can create groupings in both the particular chat services yet there are extra attachment options offered with WhatsApp. A person will be capable to send pictures, video files, music notes and press files. However, with BBM you only have the choice of audio, online video and image files.


If an individual are using a new BlackBerry handset then you have total functionality enabled in BBM. Things such as video clip, voice and monitor share are but to be introduced in BBM chat for non-BlackBerry users. whatsapp status ideas At present, this app is suitable with all programs just as WhatsApp. BBM helps an individual communicate with iPhone and Android customers. However, it appears that WhatsApp chat is also open to all the consumers including iPhone, Android and BlackBerry consumers. The apps will be appropriate and work on cross-platform. It seems that in the ending it all is dependent upon personal choice regarding an user which in turn app they might like to pick.

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